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TRX Suspension Training™

What is TRX Suspension Training™ and is it right for you?

TRX Suspension Training™ involves working in a suspended position against gravity with body weight as resistance.  The body is forced to work in such a manner that may stimulate your body in ways you haven’t felt in awhile.  Muscles that haven’t been challenged in usual workouts will suddenly be recruited to do some work.

The “suspension” part of all TRX Suspension Training™ presents a new element of challenge.  Your CORE will constantly be challenged to stabilize your movements against the forces of gravity. The system creates a dynamic environment forcing the neuromuscular system to work to co-ordinate movements.  You control the intensity of the exercise by body position and as you become stronger, you can increase the difficulty of movements by adding progressions.

What you’ll be guaranteed by working with this incredibly effective and progressive tool is:

  • Functional strength across multiple planes and angles of movement;
  • Develops joint stability and neuromuscular control;
  • Engages and develops strength in the core with every exercise; and
  • Increases strength gains throughout the entire body.

The TRX offers convenience as well.  All exercises can be performed at one workstation. 

Here’s what the Pros are saying in the latest Men’s Health Journal/April 2009. 

The Best Total Body Tool – Fitness Anywhere TRX Suspension Trainer Kit

“Traditional isolation exercises, such as biceps curl and side lunge, primarily occur in only one of the three planes of motion, but with multi-planar training on the TRX, we’re able to strengthen muscles and joints as a group, ironing out any muscular imbalances. That makes the moves more effective, realistic and challenging” says Todd Durkin, C.S.C.S, owner of Fitness Quest 10 in San Diego.


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TRX Suspension Training
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