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Class Schedule
(See individual class descriptions below schedule.)

Schedule Effective February 1, 2016. This schedule is subject to change.


TRX Conditioning: Suspension training is all about using one's own body weight and the force of gravity to create amazing results in strength, balance, flexibility, endurance, coordination and core stability…this workout is the total package.

Tabata: Interval training that will rock your heart rate

PLYOGA: A 4-part fitness program based in plyometric movements that utilizes fundamental yoga postures as active recovery. Great endurance, balance, strength and flexibility. For all fitness levels.

Body Blast: Functional movements to improve total body strength and conditioning using everything but the kitchen sink to create a challenging workout .

Body Blast 2: More functional movement with a high intensity twist incorporating more cardio in with strength moves.

Body Sculpting: A non-aerobic, muscle-toning class focused on total body strength. Utilizing free weights, exercise bands in combination to achieve that fit body look.

Senior Fit: Design to accommodate our seniors regardless of fitness level. Using rubber bands, sport cords and body weight exercise to improve balance, coordination, strength, flexibility and endurance.

Roller Play: A combination of Pilates movements incorporating the foam roller to stretch, strengthen and increase the flexibility of the body. Emphasis is on concentrated, smooth coordinated movements promoting correct body alignment and breathing. Your deep abdominal muscles, lower back and hips will be worked to create more efficiency and safety in your body-movement patterns.

Jersey Girl: Total Body Blast for Moms who need to rise early and get a jump-start on their day.

Ultimate Workout: Full body strength training focusing on balance, agility and a stronger movement from head to toe.

Trainer's Choice: Trainer chooses the workout. Be Ready!

Power Moves: Using kettle bells to create a fat burning, high intensity workout that combines both strength and ballistic movements to create explosive power and endurance. Resistance work and cardio combined in one challenging workout.

Fit Club: Our signature program. A boot camp style workout, using free weights, body weight, kettle bells and rubber bands to challenge the body, your strength and stamina. A complete package!

Young Teen Athlete Conditioning: This class puts the foundation of athletic movement into one package for the teen athlete. A series of movements and exercises that improve the functional movements needed to maintain a healthy and strong body. This program is design to prevent injuries and to address chronic issues that hamper on the field performance.

Yoga: This class will cover various routines for specific purpose of strengthening, lengthening and restoring. Come get in the flow of this ancient art and balance your body, mind and spirit. All levels welcomed.

Restore and More: This is the class that gives us our name. Based on the Restorative Performance Therapy Program developed by Roger Faulkenbury. Learn how to care for your body to prevent injuries and to restore your body, so that movement can be fun again. In this half hour class of body therapy we use rollers, balls, etc. We'll open the body, release tension, reduces aches and pains that prevent functional movement. Your body will thank you!

Call For Class Rates!

All Regular Studio Classes are 60 minutes

Group Exercise Etiquette

  • Please turn off your cell phones while taking class.
  • If you have a medical condition that prevents your from following the routine, please inform your instructor.
  • Be on time. Classes are closed ten minutes after start time. There is no late entry to classes.
  • Be considerate of other members' exercise space. Do not crowd a member who arrived in class before you.
  • Appropriate exercise attire must be worn. Proper athletic shoes only!
  • Please remember to wipe down the floor and equipment after you have used it. i.e. mats, balls etc.
  • Please note that the scheduled instructors and classes may change without prior notice.
  • Please do not enter the room until the current class is finished.
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